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Filmmaker based in Berlin


Ipek comes with a built-in mail and newsreader, writes scripts, organizes chaos, runs on coffee; and she is also the first of her kind to enjoy answering emails at 3 am in the morning. If you hear her screaming “I am going on an adventure!” leaving the office building, don’t be afraid she is just going to work on a film set, it’s her normal reaction.

At the age of 16 she moved to Berlin to pursue a career in Filmmaking. So far it's going great. In the meantime, she also graduated from film school, and when she isn't making her own films, she works professionally as a Script Supervisor and Assistant Director for films and television. Her hobbies include wondering why bios are written in the third person, painting, and writing children's books. 


Happy to hear from you, dear stranger.
Email: sertcanavar@gmail.com
The best is yet to come! I could keep you updated if I just knew your email.
Movies Written and Directed by Ipek
The Wall


What would you do if you found an ocean over your garden wall?


A ten year old boy tries to find the source of the falling fish, while his dad tries to protect him from the truth.

Screened at the 69th BERLINALE

Bedtime Stories for the Brave


Fish? What is that never heard of it?

A mother reads an old bedtime story to her daughter. However, the world has changed and as the young girl tries to imagine what a fish might be, or how a bird could have sung songs, the story just keeps getting better.  

Screened at the 69th BERLINALE

Hear Me


"Number seven was standing in the middle of the fire mocking me! She wanted me to come to her, she wanted me to burn."

An unhinged lady walks into a bar... asks for water for her flowers, and tries to show how sane she is.  We know she is a perfectly normal lady with a big heart. More people would believe her if they listen to what she is actually talking about, they would see too. 

48hour film project from Amsterdam. 

hang on.


We can't both jump off the roof at the same time, you get down and come back later!