Movies by Ipek Sertöz


Short Film “Hang On” (Post-Production)

After losing his job, apartment and wife, Floyd decides it is not worth living anymore. In hopes of ending his suffering he climbs the top of his apartment to commit suicide. However, when he reaches there, he finds a small boy crying and ready to jump.

Floyd has to convince the small boy to get down, for which he, the man who lost all hope, has to explain the boy that life gets better and it is worth going on. By doing so he not only saves the boy’s life, but also his own.

Short Film “Hear Me”

A horrible incident scars Iris, she starts reliving the same memories again and again until she starts to redefine and re-imagine what happened to her. Now when she shares her story for the first time there are more than one storylines: What she is telling us, what everyone remembers happened, and the truth.


Short Film “4 Green Houses”

An innocent game of Monopoly among two lovers. Yet the lovers are not innocent. Each roll of the dice triggers flashbacks which reveal the couple’s true relationship to us, making us an eyewitness to their secrets. The story takes its turn when a simple misunderstanding causes more of their past to be revealed than actually intended.


Mockumentary “Reflective”

“What does it mean to be a reflective person?” We found everybody who doesn’t know the answer and asked them. Why is it so hard to say “I don’t know”?  We don’t know the answer to that… But one thing we know is that you can find out a lot about people and their backgrounds when they are faced to face with a question and a camera.


Short Film “1 Minute to Due Date”

A school tour is interrupted as our tour guide remembers a last minute homework deadline. No doors are left unopened as we search for the teacher in the school campus. The result is the most exclusive school tour.

Short Film “Cold and Thirsty”

When a woman gets stranded on an island, she notices the simple things which she always took for granted are the most precious she ever had, and she never did anything to guard them: Be it a drop of water to drink, food to eat, or a shelter from the ever blowing wind.  

Short Film “When Water Spoke To Fire”

The four elements have hard time getting along. Earth is very upset after a huge forest was burnt down to ashes. Water knows that Fire is the obvious suspect and Air was his accomplice. However, as Water interrogates Fire she notices she may not be as innocent either.


Short Film “Crocodile Tears”

During a funeral, friends and family regret for the first time all the words left unsaid, the missed apologies and the promises they couldn’t hold. Just if they had one more chance to make everything right… there is one thing they don’t know though:  the coffin is empty.


Short Film “There will be Ketchup”

Two inseparable best friends make plans for Friday.  Soon after students from a nearby school are kidnapped, and when Friday comes and her best friend doesn’t show up, there is only one conclusion to be made.  A student takes on the responsibility to bring her friend back home. Not knowing she doesn’t want to be back anytime soon.

Advertising Film “Chasing Excuses”

Excuses are not enough, you also need something to help you forgive yourself. You need something that boosts your confidence. Something that helps you calm your mind. Something… which you need to go out and find.